Grey hair, hair loss, wrinkles and old age have been listed by The Centre For Disease Control ( CDC) in a recently released update of possible commonly used vaccine side-effects. The list al


The first phase of the Western Australian, "Think Mental Health" campaign has been launched. The targets for the first phase of the campaign are men aged 25 to 54 years living in Wester

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Corporate Health

Healthcare is an important factor of employment. We offer pre-employment medicals, executive health plans, and on-site mini health assessments to ensure your team remains in top condition.

Women's Health

Do you need pregnancy advice? Have questions about contraception or other health issues? Our womens health clinic can provide the support and solutions you need. 

Men's Health

Men face a range of health issues including blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels, sexual health issues, and more. Our team can provide advice and healthcare solutions tailored specifically for you. 

Travel Medicine

Whether you are travelling for work or pleasure it always pays to be prepared. Our specialised travel doctors can give up to the minute advice on your requirements for all destinations.

Welcome to CBD West Medical Centre and Corporate Health

CBD West Medical Centre is a privately owned and fully accredited Perth medical centre that provides high quality medical services for both individuals and companies. 

Our aim is to provide our patients with convenient high quality medical services. The team at CBD West Medical Centre is committed to making your visit as uncomplicated and efficient as possible in a minimum amount of time. 

Our Tenants

Dr Mattes consults from CBD West Medical Centre on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8.30am to 4.30pm.  Known business or government clients can book appointments online by clicking this link... 

Book an Occupational Physician Appointment With Dr Eugen Mattes

or by calling CBD West Medical Centre on 08 9486 4556.   New business or government clients wishing to arrange an appointment for a worker please contact Dr Mattes by calling 08 9486 4556.


Clinipath Pathology is one of Australia's largest and most experienced pathology laboratories. We are also a subsidiary of Sonic Healthcare, one of the world's largest diagnostic companies