Bikeweek events have been present on the Western Australian calendar for thirty years and continue this year to celebrate and support those who are cyclists and encouraging others to get on their bikes for transportation, health and lifestyle benefits. The week includes a range of events including Ride2SchoolDay, Giro D' Perth, bike breakfasts, social rides, bicycle art and bike maintenance courses. The week concludes on Sunday 25th March with the Telethon Freeway Bike Hike for Asthma.

The BikeHike is expected have large numbers of participants from all cycling levels and to raise a significant amount of money to support respiratory research.

Exercise is one of the most common triggers for asthma attacks after allergy and infection. Previously , advice was given to avoid exercise in asthma sufferers, particularly schoolchildren, and exclude them from sporting activities. Research now shows that regular moderate exercise can improve asthma control and immune status ( reducing asthma episodes) . For those who are aiming for more elite level exercise , 700 of the 10 000 athletes participating in the London Olympic Games had confirmed asthma. To prevent asthma symptoms interfering with exercise it is necessary to use a warm-up and medications tailored for each person and your GP is well positioned to make the appropriate management plan.

For local details see the Bikeweek webpage

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