Tragically a small Perth child died from Whooping Cough (Pertussis) this



Previously it was thought that vaccination against Whooping Cough as a

child, rendered people immune for life.

We now know this is not necessarily true and over several years there

has been pressure on to vaccinate adults, especially those handling

babies who are not yet themselves immune.


In Australia vaccination against Whooping Cough begins at 2 months of

age. Vaccinating the adults surrounding the very young baby is known as

cocooning, and works quite well.


This disease is also on the rise again overseas.


In adults Whooping Cough is seldom fatal, but it is also known as "The

Hundred Day Cough" for a very good reason!

Clearly there are many non immune adults in need of vaccination as soon

as possible. Unfortunately there is no test to tell if you are still immune.

The only solution is to have a vaccine.


To add to the problem, Perth and the rest of Australia are currently

experiencing a shortage of the adult strength vaccines (Boostrix and

Adacel, which also contain a vaccine against Tetanus and Diphtheria).

Luckily we at CBD West Medical Centre maintain a very large stock of


We still have plenty of Boostrix for both our patients, and other

medical centres which have run out.


Simply ring or check online for an appointment to discuss your

vaccination requirements with our Doctors.

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