There is considerable pressure on mothers to get it all right and to be in control and know what they are doing and look good, and a royal mother may be under even more scrutiny than others.

There is a useful Australian online site providing useful information and advice to parents, to reduce the impacts of emotional and mental health problems, particularly during the first year after the birth. ( The Centre of Perinatal Excellence ( COPE) , is a not-for-profit organisation, with all information on the site based on the latest research and National Clinical Practice Guidelines. The organisation was formed in response to the success of the perinatal program at beyondblue with a dedicated program for women, men and families during pregnancy and the year following birth.

There are many suggestions for managing stress in early parenthood for both mothers and dads such as :

  • Be aware of your expectations, there is a range of experiences which are not portrayed by magazine articles, books or friends and family discussing their experiences. Difficult times are  not reported or spoken about openly. Everyone has good and bad days
  • Establish genuine support networks, you will not be the only one struggling  with life as a new parent
  • Don't forget about your own needs
  • Don't expect too much of yourself, take time to savour the good moments, slow down , there will always be more chores that can be done
  • Make time for you , do things you enjoyed before the baby arrived to maintain some balance and remind you of the person you are as well as being a parent
  • Remember that tough stages pass
  • Avoid using drugs or alcohol to relax
  • Reach out, make phone calls, don't be afraid to ask for help,
  • Trust yourself, there is no correct way to parent and much advice can be contradictory and confusing, fine tune your own strategies
  • Be aware of the influence of others on your feelings , those around you may be critical or seem  competitive
  • Stop comparing, there are no winners, it is not a competition
  • Recognise breaking point, put the baby down somewhere safe and take a breath, listen to music of talk to someone
  • Be aware of how long and how much stress you have felt, if the feeling becomes constant and ongoing it  could increase your risk of anxiety or postnatal depression. seek help.
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