HBF Run for a Reason is on Sunday 24 May. It is a great way to raise money for charity and improve your health.

The event encourages people to walk, jog or run one of the three courses available and raise funds for over 130 health-related charities in Western Australia

The five featured charities are the Heart Foundation, Diabetes WA, Cancer Council WA, Lifeline WA and Telethon . Participants are encouraged to join in and enjoy at all levels, this year there is added musical entertainment along the courses.

Taking up exercise is usually done in an attempt to reduce weight, however it has a small impact compared to the effect of changing your diet ( eg stopping drinking juices and cola,  reducing food portions and added sugars)

There are several excellent reasons to take up regular exercise other than weight loss, which are of enormous benefit to overall health :


  • Improved mood and mental health
  • Reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke by at least 40% with moderate ( eg fast walking) exercise when initially not undertaking any regular exercise. The reduced risk increases with increasing the time and intensity of exercise
  • Reduced risk of certain cancers and their recurrence. A regular exerciser has less risk of bowel, lung, breast, endometrial , prostate and other gastroenterological cancer. Exercising during cancer treatments has also been shown to reduce the symptoms of treatment, improve quality of life and fitness  and is safe. Exercising after cancer treatments reduces the chance of recurrence and improves prognosis.
  • Improved bone strength. Bones respond to weight bearing exercise such as walking, dancing and jogging , they also respond well to resistance exercise such as free weights or machines.
  • Improved immunity. Regular exercisers have been shown to suffer fewer colds and infections, the benefits are cumulative. Immunity can be affected negatively in extreme exercise programmes and short term  following events such as running a marathon .
  • Improved sleep. Exercising in the morning or before two hours from bedtime increases the amount of stage 3 and 4 deep sleep, which is associated with the most refreshing sleep ( within 2 hours of bed can be stimulating and not helpful to immediate sleep)

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