Nutrition Australia has released an updated Healthy Eating Pyramid reflecting Australian Dietary Guidelines

After reviewing research regarding the benefits or not of various foodstuffs and quantities, the Guidelines have been updated to reflect changes and the Healthy Eating Pyramid is designed to be a visual guide to the proportions and types of foods we should eat daily for good health from the age of 1 - 70 years. The advice is not a new diet or radical change about healthy eating.

The key points are:


  • Eat mainly vegetables. ( and legumes and fruit).

The bottom layer of the pyramid no longer contains grains and carbohydrate rich foods with vegetables


  • Eat Whole grains

The carbohydrates have been moved to the second layer and have been separated, with wholegrains ( eg brown rice , oats and quinoa ) recommended and advice to avoid white bread, processed breakfast cereals and pasta


  • Eat a range of proteins

Chose from a variety of non-meat , dairy and meat sources, as each provides a mix of nutrients.


  • Eat a little good fat

The top layer remains fats ( required for brain and heart function)  Evidence continues to suggest that saturated fats remain limited, but a small amount of plant oils such as olive and canola, avocado oil and fish, seeds and nuts are recommended.


  • Limit salt and added sugar
  • Drink Water
  • Enjoy spices and herbs to flavour foods and added health promotion properties

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