A vaccine is available through your GP surgery from the age of two months and older for type B meningococcal disease protection ( it is not yet available through the routine vaccination schedule, but is approved by the TGA and is currently available) and a Type C meningococcal vaccination is included in the routine schedule at 12 months of age. Other strains more commonly found overseas also have vaccines available through GP's and travel clinics.
Invasive meningococcal disease in an uncommon but serious and possibly fatal bacterial  infection. In Australia, according to the National Notifiable Disease Surveillance System, the majority of invasive disease in Australia and New Zealand  is caused by group B Type. The highest incidence occurs in children under 4 years of age, but the disease can occur at any age.

The infection can be treated with antibiotics, however can progress very rapidly and requires urgent medical attention should symptoms develop.  ( high fever, chills, headache, neck stiffness, nausea, vomiting, joint and muscle pains, drowsiness, confusion and occasionally a red spotty rash) .

There were 18 cases diagnosed and treated in WA during 2014. The number has remained at approximately 20 cases per year in WA for several years

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