The FluMum Study of over  7000 new mothers across Australia has demonstrated that pregnant women remain reluctant to be vaccinated against influenza , despite extensive scientific evidence regarding the safety of the vaccine to mother and baby and the devastating consequences possible from influenza infection (particularly for the mother).  WA Health has reported that 47% of pregnant women received the influenza vaccine this season, with the remaining Capital cities having rates of 30%.

WA Health has reported A large increase in the umber of pregnant women receiving the whooping cough ( pertussis) vaccination following the death of Riley Hughes and the commencement of a free vaccination program in WA ( not offered by all States) Almost 4000 pregnant women have received a vaccine ( estimated to be 62% of all eligible women).

Greg and Catherine Hughes lost their son, Riley at 4 weeks of age to pertussis. They have been active in promoting immunisation since and have developed a video promoting pertussis vaccination. During pregnancy .

Click here for link to Healthy WA Pertussis vaccine in pregnancy, what expectant mothers need to know.


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