Dry July is a fundraising challenge, where individuals, workplaces, teams have a month without alcohol and raise funds as a result of pledges made.  In 2015, Dry July is raising money for 42 cancer organisations across Australia, who use the funds to improve treatments options and the wellbeing of adults living with cancer. Since the first Dry July in 2008, over $20 million has been raised.

Alcohol can sneak up on us, after a long day many unwind with a glass of something, which can quickly become two or three regularly.  Dry July is a chance to reset your relationship with alcohol and learn other ways to manage. Some suggestions for alternatives to relax without alcohol:

  • Having a long bath
  • Catching up with a friend on the phone
  • Going for a walk, a swim or bike-ride
  • Doing some odd jobs you have been putting off
  • Walking the dog
  • Rediscovering your music collection
  • Starting a new hobby
  • Learning to cook
  • Doing some voluntary work
  • Joining a club or gym nearby

The DryJuly website has more tips for surviving alcohol free and coping with social situations where alcohol is usually involved, ideas for how to de-stress after work instead of having a drink, Healthy habits to adopt and recipes to try at

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