On Saturday 22nd August it will be possible to visit the Harry Perkins Institute for the first time as a visitor.

There will be guided tours of the building by medical researchers, talks on the latest research every 45 minutes, MRI scans on display with LCD monitors moving across the scans and describing the current research occurring on the various anatomical areas, the opportunity to learn about DNA research and tours of the new laboratories to learn about the work occurring on cancer, diabetes,cardiovascular and neurovascular  diseases.

The Clinics will offer wellness tests and the opportunity to don a lab coat and participate in hands-on laboratory activities.

The Harry Perkins Institute

QEII Medical Centre

6 Verdun St, Nedlands. From 10am to 3pm.


The Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research was established in 1998 as the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research ( WAIMR) to collaborate between Western Australian Medical Researchers.

The University of Western Australia, Royal Perth Hospital and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital were founding partners and Fremantle Hospital joined in 2003.

In October 2013, WAIMR changed its name to the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research to honour the inaugural Chairman, Harry Perkins AO. He introduced himself as a farmer from Bruce Rock, and as chairman of Wesfarmers he helped create WAIMR in 1998, using a $5 million corporate donation from Wesfarmers Limited.

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