Daffodil Day, 28th August, is the annual day the Cancer Council uses for fundraising and an awareness campaign.

On Daffodil Day, the Cancer Council of WA will be located in the lobby of Brookfield Place, accepting donations, selling daffodils and merchandise. Funds raised support research, patient and family support, information provision for health professionals, the community and cancer patients, prevention programmes, treatment guidelines and advocacy

One third of cancer deaths in Australia are caused by preventable risk factors such as smoking, poor diet, sun exposure, not participating in screening programmes and limited physical activity.

The suggested steps by the cancer council to reduce your risk of developing cancer are:

  • Quit smoking
  • Eat for health
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Be sun-smart
  • Limit alcohol
  • Move your body
  • Get checked if there are changes to skin, bodily functions, weight, pains or symptoms that do not settle  and participate in screening programmes for women - breast, PAP and  bowel,  for men - prostate and bowel,

The Cancer Council has extensive and up to date fact sheets and information on specific cancers and guides at

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