R U OK? Day, the National day of Action is 10th September this year. World Suicide Prevention Day and R U OK Day this years aims to spread the message from mental health experts that if you are worried about someone, talk to them - the earlier the better.

Every year it is estimated that about 2500 Australians take their own lives. Approximately 90% of people who die from suicide are experiencing a mental health problem. Mental health problems affect men and women of all ages. Research demonstrates that women suffer higher rates of anxiety and depression, however in health outcomes men tend to suffer more severely. Women are more likely to seek help and talk about what is going on, men are more likely to remain silent . A conversation does not always save a life or solve a problem, but a conversation does help men stay mentally healthy and there is a close association with suicide and poor mental health.

The community is encouraged to have a meaningful conversation with friends, families, colleagues and anyone who may be struggling. There is no requirement to fix or solve someone's problems, just ask how they are going, listen without judgement, encourage action and follow-up. For more tips to start a conversation visit

If you need extra support, call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or or learn more about depression and suicide prevention on the mindhealthconnect website

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