Prostate and testicular cancers affect men, but so do lung, bowel, liver and other. The Nationwide Blue September Campaign is an awareness and fundraising initiative about all the cancers that affect men. They suggest we face up to cancer this September, and show support by painting your face blue and raise awareness and funds to save lives.

At least one in three cancers are preventable. Many lives could be saved by making healthy lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake, taking care in the sun, regularly exercising, maintaining a healthy weight and check-ups at age-appropriate times.

The Blue September campaign is raising funds for the Australian Research foundation and Bowel Cancer Australia charities.  Through the campaign it is hoped that men will be made more aware of the risks associated with the development  of cancer and also encouraged to reduce their individual risk of developing and dying from cancer by making better lifestyle choices and seeking help sooner if concerning symptoms arise.

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