The Director General's Award for WA Health Excellence in 2015 was awarded last week  to Catherine and Greg Hughes from the Light for Riley Initiative and the Prevention and Control Program at WA Health.  Since the launch of the Pertussis Vaccination in Pregnancy program in March 2015, 9,488 women have received a pertussis vaccination during the third trimester of pregnancy, which is approximately 60% of WA mothers .

The program has been successful in raising community awareness and improving protection against whooping cough to young infants in the community. All pregnant women are advised to have a whooping cough ( pertussis) vaccination during pregnancy. The optimal time is between 28-32 weeks of pregnancy for maximal benefit in the antibody protection provided to their infant in the first weeks of life before the routine vaccinations of childhood (which also contain whooping cough vaccination) commence .

The vaccine in provided free by the State Government at GP Clinics and some Antenatal Clinics for mothers and although the vaccination for families is no longer subsidised by the State Government , additional protection for the baby is gained by relatives and close friends also updating their pertussis vaccination and can be arranged at your GP Clinic.

For more information about the pertussisVIP program and Light for Riley initiative:

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