It is estimated that 4.1 million cases of food poisoning occur in Australia each year. A few simple actions can reduce the chance you becoming a statistic and sick.

During the week, the Foods Safety Information Council will be releasing the latest research about what Australians understand about food safety  and tips for reducing the risk of becoming sick, such as

1. Clean

Wash hands for 20 seconds with warm soapy water, dry hands for 20 seconds before starting to prepare food, especially after handling raw meat or vegetables with visible soil.

Wash utensils and cutting boards with soap and warm water, especially before handling different types of food

2. Chill

As soon as possible meat, poultry, dairy foods, vegetables and  salad ingredients should be stored in the fridge

Cooked food needs to be placed in a covered container and placed in the fridge or frozen immediately.

Frozen foods should be defrosted in the fridge, not on the bench

3. Cook

Cook chicken, minced or boned meats, mince, stuffed meats and sausages thoroughly

defrost poultry and rolled or stuffed meats thoroughly before cooking

4. Separate

Avoid cross contamination by keeping raw and cooked foods separate when storing and preparing

Don't put cooked meat back on the plate the raw meat was on

Store raw meats in the bottom of the fridge so juices don't contaminate foods on lower shelves

For more information regarding all aspects or to take the online quiz to check how many myths you may believe, see


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