Every year the Dieticians Association of Australia ( DAA) promote events in February to raise awareness of the importance of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle . Research has demonstrated that 63.4% of Australians aged over 18 years are overweight or obese ( 11.2 million people) This year the focus is to inspire Australians to cook at home more often. There is also research showing that preparing food at home is more likely to be of smaller portions, less salt , less fat, less sugar and fewer kilojoules taken in.

The key point being made is to abandon fad diets and aim for portion control.  The DAA research has shown that Australians typically overestimate portion sizes, especially for pasta ( a cup is a good guide) and chocolate ( no bigger than half a small chocolate bar) compared to what Health Authorities recommend. The difference between one and two cups of pasta at dinner is approximately 870 kilojoules. If you do not increase your activity to take these extra kilojoules into account, this equates to gain of 1-2 kilos per month.

The Association has a free copy of Everyday Healthy II cookbook to download and a number of events organised to promote a healthy lifestyle listed in the website.  The DAA also is encouraging Australians to post pictures of their healthy meals on Facebook and Instagram with a prize offered of a trip to Adelaide for two and a hands-on cooking session with chefs from the DAA cooking school. Also available are nutrition facts sheets and tips for food swaps, healthy meal plans and budget eating ( particularly helpful for health calculators to help calculate your daily needs for energy, nutrients and numbers of serves )

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