HealthDirect has  estimated that 12 million Australians search the internet for health and medical information each week. Close to 40% of Australians look for health information for self-treatment online, and almost 80% of Australian visits to health and medical information websites will be off-shore websites. The healthdirect app is designed to divert some of the traffic to what it says is more clinically sound information appropriate to the Australian health system. It has Australian Government quality assurance. The app allows users to check their symptoms, receive advice on what action to take next, search for trusted health information from Australia's leading health authorities and find a local health service .

There is no companion website, but information search links you to websites said to provide safe, relevant and appropriate information. The symptom checker helps the user make an informed decision about what to do next - supportive care, GP in the next 24 hours, emergency now.

The app is free, requires an internet connection and helps find health services anytime and gives directions. If allowed it transmits latitude and longitude coordinates to emergency services.

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