Pain is a complicated, hard-to-treat problem  and the answer may not necessarily always be stronger painkilling medications.  Often chronic pain ( defined as pain experienced for more than six months)  is an illness in its own right, due to a fault or malfunction in the body's pain system.  The emotional strain of living with chronic pain can sometimes lead to psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. Many people have been told that their pain may be imaginary, psychological or all in their mind  and many people with chronic pain have limited access to specialist pain management services and have difficulty accessing evidence-based, pain management programmes. All people suffering pain should have their pain examined by a doctor to rule out treatable or malignant causes for the pain.

Macquaire University has developed a free online, internet delivered pain management programme designed to provide good information about chronic pain and to teach practical skills for the management of chronic pain and emotional wellbeing. The Pain Course,  through the

The course involves 5 online sessions providing information and practical skills for managing chronic pain, anxiety and low mood, Do It Yourself Guides to help you practice these skills, additional resources and case stories from others and brief contact with a clinician via email and telephone.

The course is not designed to treat or cure chronic pain, but to teach the skills numerous studies have demonstrated help with the management of chronic pain and the maintenance of emotional wellbeing despite the pain.

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