Independent Nurseries and Garden suppliers are holding various events for  'garden RELEAF' to raise funds for beyondblue and promote gardening for wellbeing. Beyondblue is encouraging people to visit green and open spaces, take up gardening and enjoy the proven benefits to mood and reduction in stress levels This protects against depression and anxiety and helps recovery from these illnesses. Nationwide various events are being held to raise awareness and funds.

Studies have shown both physical ( reduced coronary heart disease and obesity) and mental benefits from gardening and contact with nature. Children who spend time in gardens and outdoors have higher levels of self-worth and social, emotional and cognitive development and creative play.

Green surroundings have positive health, social, economic and environmental benefits.

This year the emphasis is on the benefits of plants and gardens and growing the superfoods, with some of the Centres having cooking demonstrations and hosting nutrition demonstrations.

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