The Movember Foundation has launched a new men's health initiative. It encourages men to make an effort to contact their mates on the 8th May, electronically and/or  in person for a burger, a walk or just a talk.

The initiative is  in response to  evidence suggesting that men are not keeping in touch with their friends or making new friends and connections, particularly in their 30's and beyond due to many barriers .  Research by Beyondblue found that poor social connectedness is a significant issue for many men in their middle years, with nearly one in four men ( this equates to 1.1 million men in the total population ) experiencing low levels of social support and may be at risk of isolation. Social connections are an important protective factor against mental health problems and suicide. 

For more information see  or show your support and raise awareness by taking the MAYEIGHT!! challenge on Facebook, by recording a video call-to-arms

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