Headspace is launching a public awareness programme on June 14th, encouraging people to help tear down the big stigma around getting help for mental health issues. 

Although mental health issues are common, with 4 in 16 young people every year experiencing a mental health issue, only 1 will get the help they need. The researchers partnered with headspace, the Centre for Youth Mental Health at the University of Melbourne and  the National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health. There are many reasons, but stigma has been shown to play a major role in the form of misconceptions, beliefs and fears held around getting help for mental health issues. The research also demonstrated that 52% of young people were embarrassed to discuss a mental health problem with anyone, 22% would be unlikely/very unlikely to discuss it with their family doctor  and nearly a half were afraid of what others would think.

The campaign will be supported by a digital hub, launching on Tuesday 14th June, complete with a virtual stigma to tear down and links to resources and tools for friends and family seeking to support youth with mental health issues:

Headspace Centres across Australia provide face-to face information, support and services to young people aged 12 - 25 years and their families and friends. The help can make a difference  for those experiencing significant changes in thoughts, feelings and/or behaviours, when suffering from bullying or harassment or just not feeling yourself. The Centres also provide advice regarding drug and alcohol problems and specialist advice for those struggling with study or unsure about the courses to chose .

Online and telephone support ( 1800 650 890 ) is also available through eheadspace.

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