This year the theme is " health elements" , trying to encourage communities to help promote health and wellbeing and the right setting for conversations about 'the elements" making up a healthy lifestyle: purpose, health and wellness.

The health statistics for Australian Men are concerning, males have: 


  • The leading causes of death are ischaemic heart disease, cancer, respiratory system disease, prostate and lymph system disease, cerebrovascular disease, suicide and endocrine disorders
  • 93% of work-related deaths
  • 75% of completed suicides
  • 50% of men aged over 15yrs report health concerns, with the leading causes of lost working years being anxiety or depression, type two diabetes, adult onset hearing loss, asthma and dementia
  • 66% have big gaps in their health knowledge
  • 50% will suffer a mental health illness in their lifetime and 1:6 males report experiencing a mental illness in the past year
  • 30% report reproductive and other sexual issues
  • Sexually transmitted disease remains a concern
  • 70% of work related injuries
  • 25% of the amount of funding provided for women's health issues

Many of the health problems identified in Australian statistics have known modifiable risk factors, screening to identify early or treatment/management possibilities (such as hypertension, alcohol and substance abuse, high cholesterol, family history,)

Men's Sheds Australia have an initiative called a Spanner in the Works. The program aims to provide some basic health screening and advice to men using the local health resources and within the " men-friendly" atmosphere of the Men's Shed. The programme is designed to set out what men can do or chose not to do to make adjustments as they see fit towards living a healthier, longer, happier life

see - Spanner in the Works, the website has general information on men's health and a shed locator to find your closest shed, or phone 1300 550 009

 or for other Men's Health Week initiatives and programmes available locally

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