Breast Research Australia ( BRA) has produced a " Sport Bra" web-based app containing information required to help choose a well-fitted, supportive sports bra.  The aim is to reduce the number of women avoiding physical activity due to discomfort of embarrassment caused by ill-fitting bras. Women , particularly young women also find it embarrassing and unpleasant or simply don't buy bras where professional fitting is available. BRA has conducted research that suggested up to 70% of women were wearing the wrong bra size.The app is designed to use when buying the next sports bra to ensure the correct size, support and comfort. See to access to free app, enter your personal measurements, age and type of exercise and use the app to help guide better decisions and fit of sports bras.

The University of Wollongong and BRA research has demonstrated that bare breast move as much as 12 cm with running and jumping. Excessive breast movement during exercise is associated with discomfort and embarrassment for some women and can act as barriers to physical activity.

The amount of breast support varies with age, bra size and type of exercise. To chose  the correct bra the Sports Medicine Australia website suggests

1: fit the band correctly first, ensuring all of your breast, especially under your armpit is in the cups ( larger bra sizes should have wider bands to support the breast without riding up)

2. adjust the straps, then check for any wrinkles/gaps or bulging of the cups and change size accordingly ( sports bras ideally need wide and padded comfortable straps)

3: check the underwire fits your breast size correctly, if not try a different bra and start again ( the underwire must fit the shape of your breast and not dig into the soft tissue. If the correct shape cannot be found choose a non-underwire bra instead)

Many women also wear bras that are past their used-by date, with stretched elastic and worm material.

see for the exercise and breast support fact sheet


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