The week promotes and celebrates new knowledge and invites the community to see the research and meet those involved at the UWA with over 50 events from seminars to exhibitions and at various locations. 

If you are interested in seeing the tools that UWA researchers are using to promote endurance and peak performance at the School of Sports Science or visit Antarctica through the Centre for Education Futures, enrol in the Up Close and Personal tours . An example of what else  is on offer is the photographic exhibition at Brookfield Place featuring the top 'men's health' photographic images to honour the 20th anniversary of a health in older men study. Dr Karl will launch the week with an outside broadcast for Great Moments in Radio Communication. Find out more about Professor Blair and Professor Hyong Mok Lee discussing their discovery of Einstein's gravitational waves, Star Yarning,  how poor mental health can affect children's development  at the Young Mind Matter Discussion , learn about  how we read faces and find the TEDx talk on the Life Cycle of Research.

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