It is estimated that 10% of Australians suffer from asthma. The Asthma Foundation of WA ( AFWA) provides asthma advice via a freecall 1800 ASTHMA ( 1800278462) or during weekday office hours. The AFWA also offers free asthma clinics at several locations around Perth and Western Australia. For children aged 5-12 years, the campaign "Manage My Asthma" has launched an online Kids Club at with asthma information, advice and competitions

Asthma cannot be cured, for most people it can be well controlled, with minimal symptoms or limits to your lifestyle. This Asthma Week the AFWA is encouraging sufferers to find out if they could become a better breather by following the five B's.

1. Become informed - take the asthma control test

2. Blow away hay-fever ( 80% of people with asthma also experience hay-fever, which can trigger flare-ups)

3. Brush up on technique. research has indicated that up to 90% of people have poor device technique

4. Befriend your Health Professional. Asthma symptoms vary between people, ask for advice and help

5. Breathe better. Either call the 1800Asthma Helpline or check the website at for more information

Asthma Australia has launched as Asthma App, providing up to date information, access to information about devices and medication, asthma action plans and first aid steps and clinical guidelines ( Asthma Australia - Asthma App)

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