Staying connected and having meaningful conversations are important. RU OK is a National Campaign to change behaviour and aims to provides suggestions on how to take the time to ask "are you OK?" and how to listen meaningfully.  The website provides simple and practical ways to have the conversation if someone you care for or know isn't behaving as the normally would or seem out of sorts.

Before you care for others, it is important to check that you are in a good headspace, are willing to genuinely listen and can give as much time as needed. It is also important to make sure that you are prepared for the answer given, even that the person might not be ready to talk and that you understand that you cannot fix someone's problems. It is also important to pick your time and a relatively private location.

see for all the available resources and encouragement. Download a mobile tip pack or view meaningful conversations

If someone may be suicidal, contact Lifeline for crisis support and if a life is in danger, call 000.

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