A recently published Australian Study revealed that women believe factors causing breast cancer, from genetically modified foodstuffs to electronic devices are at odds with current evidence.

Women with breast cancer believed the most common factors contributing to the cancer were emotional factors including stress ( 46.3%) followed by lifestyle and physiological factors according to a Western Australian study published in BMC Research Notes. Almost one third of women with breast cancer and 77.6% of controls associated breast cancer with genetic factors. Inheritable known genetic mutations and family risk currently account for only 9% of cases This is concerning as those women without a family history of breast cancer may not  be as careful to have regular mammograms and have breast changes examined.

Other Breast Cancer Myths

Regular self examinations are the best way to detect breast cancer :    

False, a mammogram is the most reliable way to detect breast cancer, but being aware of changes in your breasts and .having regular breast  examinations by your GP are recommended.

Having a mammogram will prevent breast cancer :                                

 False, mammograms can detect breast cancer early, increasing your chance of successful treatment

Women with larger breasts are more likely to have breast cancer:         

False, there is no evidence to suggest a link between breast size and cancer risk.

A knock or bump to the breast causes cancer:                                       

 False, there is no evidence 

Wearing a tight bra causes breast cancer:                                             

 False, there is no evidence

Using antiperspirant deodorants causes breast cancer:                        

False, there is no evidence

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