Congratulations on the arrival of a daughter,  Lucy  to the Hughes family ( Light for Riley Campaign). Catherine and Greg Hughes' campaigning lead to the increase in awareness of the importance of the pertussis vaccine during pregnancy and to the importance of those having contact with a new  baby in the first 6-8 weeks also having a whooping cough vaccine booster. In response,  WA Health commenced the free vaccination programme for all pregnant women in WA from March 2015.

As it happens Lucy had her first vaccinations today . The family has also launched the Immunisation Foundation of Australia, with a mission statement "protecting babies& families from vaccine-preventable diseases"

If you will be in contact with a newborn baby before their first vaccinations at 6-8 weeks, this is a timely reminder to update your whooping cough vaccination ( combined with tetanus vaccine) if it is more than 10 years since the last booster.

The free pertussis programme in WA is offered only to pregnant women during their third trimester of pregnancy, and has led to 70.6% of pregnant women in WA receiving the vaccine The vaccine given at this time allows mothers to pass pertussis antibodies to their baby across the placenta, increasing their protection until their first vaccination after birth. for more details about whooping cough

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