The theme for 2016 is Learn and Grow. Nearly 45% of all Australians are said to experience some form of mental illness during their lifetimes and those who do not, will know someone who does. There remains significant stigma and misinformation about the topic. Mental health groups and organisations are encouraging people and communities to learn more about mental health and use that knowledge to grow personally and take control of their mental wellbeing.

The awareness month also acts as a prompt to connect with the people around and see how they are doing, letting them know you care and are prepared to help if not. You don't have to have answers to their problems, but showing that you care and just being able to listen can be helpful.

Your own mental health should not be neglected. Asking yourself questions about " how am I feeling?" "have I been looking after myself?" make you check in with yourself or prompt you to talk to family, friends, doctors and helplines. It is also a timely reminder to participate in self-care healthy activities such as regular exercise, getting enough sleep, healthy eating and mindfulness activities.

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