Self help plays an important role in the prevention and management of mental illness. Self education, regular exercise, relaxation techniques, problem solving, adequate sleep and healthy lifestyle all play a role. 

To help achieve the various suggestions, several websites, some with associated phone Apps are easily accessible. Some suggestions are:

Psychology services are also available, with face-to-facecommunication between you and a qualified therapist occurs usually over several session A GP Mental Health Plan can be issued through your regular GP offers patients a Medicare rebate of approximately $120 per psychology session for up to six sessions initially depending on clinical need.

Medications also have a role in the treatment of mental illnesses,they work most effectively in combination with self help and counselling strategies. . Antidepressants are safe, effective and
non-addictive . Sometimes the first medication works, but juggling medications and dosages maybe required or side-effects managed by your GP.

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