Magpie swooping season last six weeks every Spring, causing occasional significant injury to walkers, runners and cyclists , particularly to eyes.The attacks occur during nesting, research indicates that it is only 5% of the male birds who swoop at perceived threats close to their nests, usually with predictable targets. Some birds target only school aged boys, others dogs, runners, cyclists or one particular person they have selected to victimise. Various methods have been suggested to avoid attacks, but the best strategy is to avoid the problem during the six weeks the attacks are most likely to occur.

An Australian wide website exists to record details of incidents, locate and avoid the problem birds and also note suggestions on avoiding attacks. The social media connections to the website allows you to choose to see magpie swooping in your local area or have MagpieAlert email details of new attacks in your area Magpies are protected throughout Australia , it is illegal to kill the birds, collect the eggs or harm their young. If a magpie is a serious menace, it should be reported to the local Council.


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