For those unsure about what to do next, here are some helpful online options:

Mind Health Connect - a web portal to help people find mental health and wellbeing information, support and services in Australia

The Toolbox by is a collection of over forty health and wellbeing apps to use to work out your health an wellbeing goals, download recommended apps for each goal and read information and reviews from those who have used the apps.

Mindspot - a free online assessment and treatment service for adults with depression and anxiety. The Clinic provides online and telephone assessments, referrals and treatments

myCompass - the Black Dog Institute's online and mobile phone self-help program for stress, anxiety and depression. It is intended to self-monitor the moods, feelings and behaviours that are bothering you and offers interactive modules to learn skills to manage your situation

e-couch - a self-help interactive program with modules for anxiety, depression, worry, relationship breakdown and grief. It includes strategies to help improve your situation.

MoodGYM - an interactive web-based program designed to help prevent depression. it is a cognitive behavioural therapy based program, designed to prevent and treat depression in young people and may also help in anxiety for people of all ages.

THIS WAY UP Self Help provides free information about the various anxiety and depressive disorders and brief courses to learn to overcome the disorder

Mental Health Online - an initiative of the National eTherapy Centre providing online information, assessment, referral and treatment for mental health problems

OnTrack - another Australian online mental health program offering advice to those suffering from depression, alcohol use, odd thoughts or sensations, recovery from natural disasters and caring for someone with a mental health disorder. The programs and quizzes are designed to allow people to check how they are progressing with their drinking, mood, thoughts and relationships.


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