The more things change the more they stay the same. While we sometimes feel that we are going forward at 100 km per hour some advice remains constant for our health and well being. We have reprinted one such news item from Christmas two years ago.

This time of the year and holidays come with opportunities to overindulge on food, alcohol, partying and to stop exercise routines.

Although " pretox" and " detox" are non-scientific concepts, some practical suggestions to minimize the toll celebrating and lack of routine can take on your health while enjoying the season are:

  • Eat breakfast, try to include protein rich foodstuffs such as wholegrain cereals, eggs, nuts and low fat dairy which help control appetite
  • Don't skip meals, either before going out or following a binge as the hunger and fatigue that follows makes it extremely difficult to control either gorging on the calorie-laden party snacks or on high sugar foods at home
  • Plan ahead and have some healthy snacks available for yourself, seeds and nuts, low-fat yoghurts, seasonal fruits, air-popped popcorn, vegetable sticks ready in the fridge, homemade dips and rice or quinoa salad.
  • Don't deprive yourself, but as many studies have shown that the first taste of a food is the most satisfying and enjoyable, have a piece of chocolate nightly rather than the whole block at one sitting
  • Try to be " mindful" whilst eating and taste the food
  • Stop before the second helping and assess whether it is from hunger, habit or feeling of deserving to indulge at Christmas, it may be useful to have a glass of water and reassess before taking the seconds
  • Try and reduce the calorie dense sauces, gravies and dressings be mindful of avoiding unhealthy bulk-buys, studies have shown we eat and drink more when using larger containers
  • Don't give-up altogether after indulging, make the next meal lighter and squeeze in some extra exercise
  • Distract yourself from the fridge and leftovers by walking, reading, doing something you enjoy, make a cup of tea
  • Stay hydrated and try to keep to water, avoiding the calorie rich fruit juices and mixes,
  • Alternate alcoholic drinks at functions with sparking waters and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Control stresses during the festive season , don't over-schedule you holidays, enjoy some down-time, walk, enjoy the outdoors
  • Keep moving, play, walk, swim
  • Be mindful of the sun: slip. slop ,shade, slide on the sunglasses
  • Consider a vacation from social media, waiting until after the holiday to share your experiences may allow you to relive them and also be more present and mindful of the time.
  •  Enjoy the Festive Season and Holidays



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