One of the most popular New Year Resolutions every year is to want to be healthier. To achieve this, it is not always necessary to employ a personal trainer, sign up to gym memberships or start the latest weight loss fad. Choosing to have a healthier lifestyle can be as simple as deciding to be active, eating healthy foods, reducing stress, dropping bad habits and connecting with neighbours.  Small changes that can make a difference : 

Choose healthy food

LiveLighter is a program developed for Western Australians with the aim of reducing our incidence of obesity and its consequences. The website contains tools, resources, recipes and tips for healthy changes

 Exercise daily

Simple changes like chosing the long route to walk to the busstop, taking the stairs instead of the lift, cycling to work, wearing a pedometer and increasing the number of steps every day. 

 Be active at work

Stand and stretch regularly, stand when on the phone, consider standing work stations, take the steps rather than the lift, go for a walk at lunch time, consider walking over to your colleague rather than sending an email 

 Get enough sleep

Avoid screens an hour before bedtime, keep regular hours, exercise regularly, but not within 2 hours of bedtime, make your bedroom quiet and dark and comfortable. The Sleep Health Foundation website has useful fact sheets for updating the important factors that make up a regular good night's sleep

 Drink in moderation

The website provides alcohol guidelines and a list of measurements for standard drinks. Hello Sunday Morning is an online community providing support for individuals to change their relationship with alcohol. The Daybreak app is available and highlights of the hang-over free Sundays are found at  #hellosundaymorning

 Quit smoking

The quitnow website provides links to the Quitline, apps for the phone and many resources to help.

 Reduce work stress and review your mental health

 The mindhealthconnect web portal provides information on support and services from Australia's leading health providers on mental health and well-being information. The resources include a guided search tool, mood monitor, helplines and chat, apps and online programmes available.

 Connect with your community,  make new friends, phone a friend

Your local council website and library and good sources of information about community events and programmes . 


Wear sunscreen

Clean and floss your teeth regularly

Switch sweet drinks for water

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