Safer Internet Day is 7th February , the theme is " Be the change: Unite for a better internet"  The website demonstrates the activities and events occurring and the resources available internationally. 

In Australia, the Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner has many resources and activities available for the community and schools and also provides a complaints service for young Australians who experience serious cyberbullying and for reporting illegal online content. 


The Office has posted an eSafety checklist to " Be the change"

- do you respect others and only post what you'd say to someone's face?

- is your time between screens and other activities well balanced?

- do you use strong privacy settings and passwords and update these regularly?

- do you get consent before sharing an image or video of another person?

- have you secured your digital lifestyle with the right software and settings?


For Parents, the suggestions are:

- talk to your child about staying safe online, talk about online bullying and cyberbullying

- make sure they know who to ask for help

- teach them to take time out and even some strategie to relax

- talk to the school or club if you think your child is being bullies online

- take further action if the bullying continues

- report online videos of bullying

- manage the software and tools your family uses

- agree to rules about what's OK and what's not


Some warning signs for parents that your child may be the victim of cyberbullying are:

- changes in behavior or attitude

- signs of depression such as changes in sleeping, eating, self destructive behaviors and decreases in self esteem

- deteriorating schoolwork and grades

- withdrawal or reduced interest in activities, sports and interests

- change in friends

- physical symptoms such as frequent headache or stomach ache

- not wanting to go to school


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Other useful site include the Alannah & Madeline Foundation at and Susan McLean, the Cybercop at



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