The Cancer Council has launched a new campaign, #pleasehelpmequit.  Research by the Cancer Council found that many smokers give the main reason for their quitting attempt failing was friends and family smoking around them. It is difficult to ask the loved ones and friends you have smoked with for years not to light up around you anymore, the campaign aims to help deliver this message. ( remembering that 80% of current smokers also would like to quit). Twelve people who have Quit have given interviews on behalf of all quitters, asking all smokers not to smoke around them while they are quitting. These interviews will be widely distributed through TV, Facebook and other platforms. It is a simple request, " if you love me, please help me quit".

Those involved in the campaign interviews also talk about their own experiences of quitting and share their motivational advice on how to quit and the extended interviews can be found on the website.

The website contains information about ways to quit and how to stay quit at or register for online support with

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