If you are a woman needing motivation to get moving, the second advertisement for the UK campaign This Girl Can is a must view for you, followed up by researching the Department of Health website designed to encourage particularly young women to be more active. It was established in response to research demonstrating the significant barriers women felt about being judged or ridiculed, being self conscious about how they might look when exercising resulting in exercise at lower intensity and lower rates than men. Nine in ten young people do not move enough and almost seventy per cent of adults are sedentary or have low levels of physical activity.

Increasing physical activity has many benefits, reducing chronic disease such as type II diabetes, osteoporosis, colon cancer, obesity and injury, managing stress, alleviate depression and anxiety, increase self esteem, improve mood and alertness. Physical activity also provides social benefits through social interaction, improving school performance, increasing a sense of personal responsibility and group cooperation and less drug and alcohol consumption.

The website contains suggestions for parents, women, teachers and useful links and resources. The Australian campaign followed the successful UK This Girl Can campaign in 2015. The first advert has been watched almost 100 million times and won many awards and is said to have encouraged many British women to increase their activity. The second advertisement has just been released, showing real women exercising to the soundtrack blended with the poem 'Phenomenal woman' by Maya Angelou.

The Australian Campaign targets young women, and also encourages parents of young women to provide support, be active themselves and encourage family activity. With the success of the UK campaign and the increased age range, in the future the Australian website will hopefully follow with increasing the targeted age range and stages of life to all women. 

see to see the list of sports and activities to try and stories of how girls have made their move and found an activity they love

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