Quit Victoria released concerning new data demonstrating an increase in the use of roll-your-own (RYO) cigarettes by smokers 18-29 years of age, with 37% reporting some current use. RYO use was more common among young Victorians, with almost half ( 49%) of smokers under 29 years reporting some use in the previous year. There is no reason why Western Australian smokers would not have similar rates and patterns of smoking to  Victorian smokers.

Tobacco companies appear to be using misconceptions about the harms of roll-your-own tobacco, using marketing that suggests the product is  "natural" and "organic". The tobacco has also been produced in smaller pouches, using "endless" and "abundant" in the labels to imply affordability  and value for money. 

The Cancer Council has provided research information regarding the use of  'rollies':


  • RYO tobacco contains many of the same chemicals as manufactured cigarettes
  • Tobacco companies add similar additives to RYO tobacco as they do to cigarettes, often in higher amounts than factory-made cigarettes
  • Most of the toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke come from the burning tobacco. This includes carbon monoxide, nicotine, tar and many other disease-causing chemicals
  • RYO cigarettes yield high levels of tar and nicotine
  • Filters are often not used, research shows some evidence that RYO smokers are more vulnerable to developing cancers of the lung, oesophagus, mouth and throat in addition to the risks of other smoking-related diseases
  • RYO and mixed smokers report inhaling more deeply than factory-made cigarette smokers

Also to note, herbal cigarettes, kretek ( small tobacco, clove and cocoa containing cigarettes), bidis ( coarse tobacco flakes rolled in temburni leaf) and marijuana all harm your health due to inhaling carbon monoxide and tar. Herbal cigarettes have at times been promoted as a quitting aid. There is little evidence that they have any benefits other than placebo ( improving a person's confidence at quitting), and some evidence that the risk of dental disease is increased with their use.

Every cigarette, whether you roll it of take it from a commercial pack is doing harm when smoked


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