The AusVax Safety program has released data from almost 40,000 adults and children who have had the 2017 influenza vaccine, demonstrating no significant unexpected or unusual reactions from the participants.

AusVax Safety is a real-time National vaccine surveillance system, monitoring the effects of vaccines on Australians from over 150 sites.

A SMS is sent from the GP Clinic or Immunisation Clinic 3-4 days after a vaccination and the responses are collected. The surveillance program provides confirmation the vaccines are performing as expected and an early-warning system for unexpected outcomes.

The data from the start April to mid-May displays the results from

1217 children aged 6 months to 5 years, 90.1% reported no event, 4.4% reported an injection site reaction, 2.2% fever, 0.6% a rash, no seizures occurred and 0.7% returned for medical attention. The data regarding influenza-associated admissions to Hospitals and serious illnesses is not yet available.

It is hoped the real-time saftey information will provide reassurance particularly to GPs, parents and patients regarding the safety of the vaccines currently recommended for all children aged 6 months to 5 years in Western Australia .See: for the current statistics.


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