One of the most common search topics on the Internet concerns baby sleep problems. Many parents need help from professionals regarding the sleep and settling issues of their baby. The website provides a very useful overview and outlines the choices and pathways you may want or need to follow, with local contacts.

Initially, the professional advising you will try to get and  understanding of the problem and your family's needs , by asking about the baby, the history of the sleep problem and what you have tried so far. Then ask questions to find out what you expect for your baby and family, making sure it is realistic for the age and development of the baby. A sleep plan will be developed covering :

  • Bedtime habits
  • Positive bedtime routines
  • Settling strategies that you are comfortable with ( these may upset the baby for the first few nights)
  • What to do if the strategies aren't working 

Where to Find Help

1. Child and Family Centres . Your local child and family health nurse can give advice on managing sleep and other problems. For your local service, provides a list of community child health services and locations , there is also a list of parenting groups and health education groups.

2. Parenting helplines. Some are available after hours for help immediately, they can give ideas and further local information if needed. for example, Ngala Helpline : 1800 111 546  or (08)93689368 8-8pm 7 days. Healthdirect 1800 022 222 ( 24 hours). National Breastfeeding Helpline 1800 686 268 ( 24 hours) and Pregnancy, Birth and Baby 1800 882 436 ( 24 hours)

3. Early Parenting Centres ( sleep schools) Staff at such centres are used to dealing with all kinds of feeding and settling problems, but all work to make sure your baby spends more time sleeping and less time crying. The centres offer phone advice, referral to a parent education session, a day-stay program or a residential program. Your child and family health centre will be able to tell you more about the local parenting centres, In Western Australia the main centre is  Ngala Resource Centre, ( 08) 9368 9368

Another very useful website for an overview and to set realistic expectations about age and sleep in the American Pediatric Sleep Council's website

It is possible to search anything related to baby sleep, bedtime routine, waking at night, sleep terrors, sleep safety and special problems. The site also includes research findings and represents an international team of sleep experts from physicians, psychologists and researchers.

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