June is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

Bowel cancer is the cause of 80 Australian deaths every week. The public awareness campaign aims to raise awareness about the second most common cause of cancer deaths in Australia, but more importantly how early detection can save lives.

Your risk of developing bowel cancer is very individual and linked to your age, genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors. Screening and surveillance can also influence your bowel cancer risk. It is best to discuss your individual risk with your GP and whether it is time to commence a screening programme now and the best form that should take and when.

The protective choices you can make immediately include:

  • Increasing physical activity
  • Eating foods containing dietary fibre, garlic, milk and calcium
  • Reducing your consumption of red meat and processed meats, avoid charred and blackened meats
  • Reducing alcohol intake
  • Reducing abdominal fat and body fat
  • Not smoking
  • Very high risk individuals are now advised to commence regular aspirin
  • Screening for bowel cancer is recommended from the age of 50 years for people who do not have symptoms or a family history of the disease. It is important to repeat these tests every 1-2 years and also to follow-up positive screening tests with a colonoscopy.

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