The aim of the National Day, by the Pink Hope Organisation, is to start a conversation about your hereditary breast and ovarian health.

1.       Hereditary cancer often occurs at a younger age than sporadic cancers and may need early screening and strategies.

2.       Hereditary cancer is caused by a gene mutation/fault passed from parent to child.

3.       Individuals who have inherited a gene fault may be at higher risk for more than one type of cancer

4.       High risk families face ongoing questions and decisions, for example genetic testing for other family members, screening, cancer diagnosis and preventive surgery.

5.       Often families within the population do not know or understand their own risk, and may overestimate or underestimate their risk.

6.       High risk families are often in a position where several family members are facing varying stages of cancer or risk evaluation and may feel overwhelmed and isolated as a result.


Useful sites:


  • ( an academic research organisation which  runs a wide variety of clinical trials and reviews evidence from completed trials)


  • ( the resource will support research into prevention, screening and treatments aimed at reducing the impact of breast cancer)
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