The annual campaign raising awareness about alcohol, aiming to positively influence our drinking culture by pledging to abstain for the month to raise fund for people affected by cancer  is underway.

The campaign was launched in 2008.  The month long break from alcohol does have short term benefits such as:


  •          Weight loss
  •          Improved sleep
  •          More energy
  •          Improved liver function
  •          Reduced likelihood of drinking as much over the next six months
  •         A halo effect for family and social contacts, with reduced drinking in those around you ( drinking is often a social activity)
  •         Allowing people who usually drink too much to take note of the positive effects on health, productivity, mood and relationships when abstaining from             alcohol
  •         Make it easy for people to chose not to drink by normalising the option of not drinking, making it more socially acceptable
  •         Fundraising

Population studies have not been done to determine if month-long campaign of not drinking influences people's drinking levels beyond a year, but the success of the campaign with regard to the number of participants each year and the number of repeat participants suggest the month of abstaining does not lead to long term behaviour change.

Hello Sunday Morning is an Australian initiative promoting a longer commitment , without fundraising or total sobriety and using social media and digital communication including paid personal coaching services to support at-risk drinkers to be more mindful about their consumption. #hellosundaymorning Every Sunday the HSM community share highlights of their hangover free day.



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