How do I get the most from prescription, over-the-counter and complementary medicines?

The week long promotion of safe and wise use of medicines is from 21-27 August this year. The website provides advice on the five most important questions to ask your doctor about the medication you have been prescribed, a free MedicineWise app and a Medicines Line on 1300 MEDICINES (633424).

The campaign this year reminds Australians that medicine misuse can happen to anyone. To help minimise potential harm, the advice is to:

1. Ask the right questions

Take an active role in your health by asking relevant questions about tests and medicines you use

Have valuable conversations with healthcare professionals by asking the 5 questions found on

Read medicine labels and packaging

2.Ask the right people

There is a huge difference between asking the pharmacists on the MedicinesLine at NPS MedicineWise for advice and asking a Facebook group

Google is great for general information, but make sure you check with a qualified medical professional

Check your sources - Is the website evidence based? Is it trustworthy? Is it up to date?

3. Follow the right advice

Follow dosing instructions from your doctor or pharmacist and ask for clarification if it doesn't make sense

Speak to a health professional before you stop taking a medication, there may be side-effects from stopping

Need help with translation? There are multilingual resources to use if needed.

see or #BeMedicinewise


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