The Jean Hailes Women's Health Week is dedicated to all women Australia wide to make good health a priority. The two biggest barriers for women not maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a "lack of time" and " health not being a priority".  The Health Week aims to provide motivation and practical strategies towards starting to make positive changes. By investing more time in ourselves, we are better able to look after the ones we love and care about.

Earlier this year the Jeans Hailes Foundation conducted a nationwide survey to gather health information, needs and behaviours of Australian women. The top five health issues causing Australian women concern were obesity and weight control, mental health, cancer prevention, menopause and domestic violence.  Interestingly the preferred methods of accessing information were via online websites and hardcopy print and the least preferred were telephone contact and Apps.

When asked the one thing a woman could do to improve their health immediately, the most frequent answers were: exercise more, sleep better, improve work-life balance, have regular health check-ups, improve diet and lose weight.

The Foundation will provide updates daily, providing practical tools and resources , Monday will focus on Heart Health, Tuesday on Mindfulness, Wednesday on Bone Health, Thursday on Physical Activity and Friday on Sleep and Fatigue.

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