The end of year exams, particularly for the final year of school can cause extremely high levels of distress . Stress can affect exam performance , and also physical and mental health. The top five suggestions for exam preparation remain constant:

1. Create a study timetable, create a routine, plan a variety of subjects, prioritise and set goals, include breaks for exercise, food, sleep and relaxation. Set study for tomorrow before finishing for today

2. Prepare your study area,  chose enough light, comfortable chair, reduce distractions around you, be mindful of your mobile phone being a distraction and time waster

3. Eat, sleep and move,

4. Minimise distractions, if you are tempted by insta and face-book, take a proper break, break your tasks into small achievable steps with time limits to reduce procrastination

5. Take breaks and create rewards for yourself

Generation Next and Sydney University Department of Psychiatry have researched tools for reducing student stress and have developed a free, evidence-based app  to help stress management.

The Mental Stillness App is designed for young people, to up-skill the user with a simple mindfulness/meditation method to help reduce stress and improve wellbeing.

The specific techniques and video sequences used in the app have been studied in several clinical trials conducted in Australian schools and hospitals under the supervision of the University of Sydney and the University of NSW, all of which demonstrated effectiveness.

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