There is a new cancer database, The National Cancer Control Indicators ( NCCI) launched by Cancer Australia this month to provide quick access to  national population data covering prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment research and outcomes of cancer care.

Although the name of the website is a little intimidating, the website is easy to navigate and links information, outcomes and provides a trustworthy, authoritative source of information for the broad community and people affected by cancer as well as policy
makers, cancer organisations, researchers and health professionals. Information on 17 most common cancers are currently available.

Through the links available, it is possible to find, for example the current 5 year survival rates for various cancers, the most common treatment regimes and compare them with international results.  Data can also be filtered by tumour type and category, such as population group, sex, age and socio-economic status. The website will also contains a section covering stage and recurrence rates, psychosocial care and research, which are still in development. The site is designed to be updated as new data becomes available to include new sources of data. One of the aims is to provide an inclusive picture of the changing trends and impacts of cancers.

The resource is available at

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