Several things to try;

1. Get support from family and friends


  • Talk about your feelings and thoughts
  • Be with people who care about you and keep away from those who criticise you
  • Spend time alone if you need to
  • Get support from your faith community
  • Ask someone to stay with you for a few hours a day

2. Relax


  • Do things that you know relax you and make you feel good
  • Be kind, gentle and patient with yourself
  • Write down your concerns or keep a journal

3. Pay Attention to Your Physical Self


  • Exercise daily ( think of doing it as " a medicine")
  • Control caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes
  • Try to keep to your regular schedule
  • Keep taking your usual medication
  • Eat regular meals even if you do not feel hungry
  • Avoid places and situations that are unsafe

4. Reduce Work Stress


  • Don't make big decisions or changes
  • Talk to your managers of you need support or time off



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