Anxiety and depression before and after the arrival of a baby are common, usually temporary and treatable. Early detection, support and assistance can reduce the duration, the severity and the recurrence of the feelings .  Antenatal depression in Australia is estimated to affect one in ten women and postnatal depression one in six. If anxiety or lower moods affect a woman's daily life and functioning and last more than two weeks, it is important to seek help and advice from a health professional, particularly your obstetrician, midwife, child health nurse or GP. There are also new online resources offering support, advice and strategies.

MumSpace is a self-help website providing a one-stop site to support mental and emotional wellbeing during and beyond pregnancy. It provides a range of treatment programs and tools for all expectant and new parents, particularly mums. It was developed by the  Perinatal Depression e-Consortium, a collaboration between Australian perinatal mental health researchers and organisations and experts in maternal and perinatal mental health. The website offers advice on the additional skills that may help make the transition to parenthood and uses Australian online resources such as the What Were We Thinking! ( strategies for settling and sleep, ways to manage crying, communicating your needs, sharing the workload fairly and avoiding arguments and criticism and the BabySteps app ( for first time parents, preparing for the arrival of the baby, feeding and breast feeding, improving sleep and soothing a crying baby)

MindMum is an app designed to help with emotional wellbeing in the perinatal period. The app is designed to provide effective strategies to help lift your mood, strengthen you relationships and feel supported and confident

MumMoodBooster is an online treatment program for perinatal depression and anxiety.

If you need urgent help, PANDA does not offer 24 hour access, but is available for expert advice with specialist perinatal mental health telephone counselling service Monday to Friday, 9 am to 7pm AEST at 1300 726 306

Lifeline Australia does offer 24 hour service at 13 11 14

Suicide Call Back Service is available 24 hours at 1300 659 467

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