St. George's Terrace in the City will be coloured pink with Breast Screen WA banners as a reminder to women 40 years or over to have their free screening mammograms every two years. This coincides with a Breast Screen WA information display in the Murray St Mall on Friday 24 October.
One in eight women in Australia will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. 
Did you know?

  • Breast cancer cannot be prevented, but early detection leads to more chance of successful treatment
  • A mammogram can detect a cancer before you can feel it in your breast
  • A mammogram can detect 90% of breast cancers
  • The risk of breast cancer increases with age
  • Screening is targeted at women under 75yrs, as some women may have medical conditions or lifestyle issues taking priority. If this is not the case , it remains possible to continue two yearly mammograms 
  • Women who have tender breasts before their periods, may find it more comfortable to have their mammogram during or just after their periods
  • Women with implants are still able to have screening mammograms ( see BreastScreen online information regarding this)
  • There is no other currently accredited method to detect breast cancer available
  • Women under 40 have denser breasts and mammograms are difficult to interpret as a result, this group requires individual assessment and a GP is a good first contact for this.
  • To make an appointment for a screening mammogram call BreastScreen WA 132050 or book online.
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